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 "Pitanga, from songwriter John Finbury and featuring vocalist Marcella Camargo. Pitanga is the king of the Brazilian fruits. The flavors of the fruit are captured in the samba-reggae Abaixo rhythms and melodies of this Carnival tune."

at the Latin Grammys
Patty, John, Marcella & Ned
at the Latin Grammys

"This is the title song from an album of the same name with songs composed by John Finbury, Ned Claflin, and Patty Brayden. The album provides a panoramic of Brazilian music forms and traditions: samba-reggae, bossa nova, and latin jazz. Sung in Portuguese and English, the tunes convey a visceral authenticity, borne of Brazilian music traditions and inspired by great artists like Antonio Carlos Jobim."

"At the same time, the music hews to the songwriter's own voice, furnishing a fresh and intrepid expression. Not only is the song writing first class, but the band is composed of veritable all-stars in their own right: Time Ray, Oscar Stagnaro, Mark Walker, Ricardo Monzon, Eduardo Mercuri, Norman Zocher, Eugene Friesen and the late Roberto Cassan."

- from "Pitanga" liner notes by Kabir Seghal -New York Time best-selling author and Multi-Grammy & Latin Grammy Award winning producer


Marcella Camargo -
Vocals Tim Ray and John Finbury- Piano
Mark Walker - Drums
Oscar Stagnaro - Electric Bass
Ricardo Monzon - Percussion
Eduardo Mercuri - Guitars
Norman Zocher - Pedal and Steel Guitars

Recorded, engineered and mastered by Bob Patton at Thin Ice Productions
Composed by John Finbury, Ned Claflin and Patty Brayden
Produced by John Finbury and Bob Patton

*Video Services by Motion Picture Mill*
A J Dimaculangan - Producer/Directo
Sean Ingle - Production Manager
Sean Hannan - Cinematographer
Tiago Degenportnoy - Swing/Grip
Panita Hannan - Production Assistant

*Dancers from the Fred Astaire Dance Studios, Belmont*
Masa Razic
Justin Penney
Enoch Evens
Nina DiPerrio

*Additional Dancers*
Allie Sigurdson
Elysha Barnet


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Genre: Latin Jazz Music Video

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