Motion Picture Mill


Creative Film and Video Production

Video is a differentiator, not because of the medium itself, but because it allows companies to express their excellence through the personal presentations of its most committed, passionate people.

Motion Picture Mill is a media production company focused on working with clients to develop video content that supports and strengthens their unique brand, emphasizes the value of their offerings, and simplifies their message so it can be absorbed without interpretation or ambiguity. This is our process for capturing and presenting excellence.

High Technology


It's called; Concepting, Writing, Kicking Ideas Around, Logistics Planning, and Reconnoitering (Our Favorite)

All of this is done with the audience and the end product in mind. We take this seriously and with delight, because it's where we define the question, "What if?"



Whether on location or in the studio, Quality is the word.
Top Crews, The Best Equipment for the Job, and the Right Attitude.

Our goal is to persuade, inform and entertain, while capturing your message; clearly, and concisely.

Post Production

Post Production

Post Production has changed the most in the last few years with a significant evolution in editing and compositing, hardware and software. We can adjust and alter our reality as needed, and sometimes while on the go.
MPM keeps up on the latest changes, embracing only what we see are the best solutions for our clients. But it is fun. ;)

From the Film The Call to Kairos
Courtesy of Spectral Unicorn Productions